Italian couple spend 50th anniversary together in ICU

Italian couple spend 50th anniversary together in ICU

Even in the time of coronavirus, love conquers all. It finds a way around all barriers, even hospitalisation. This elderly Italian couple celebrated their 50th anniversary, in an intensive care unit (ICU) after medics arranged for them to be together.

Sandra (71) and husband Giancarlo (73) both contracted COVID-19 and were thus hospitalised at the Murri Hospital in Fermo, in the eastern region of Marche.

Roberta Ferretti, a nurse at the hospital, heard that the couple’s 50th anniversary was coming up and decided she would organise a a celebration with the help of some other medics. “Sandra cried a lot, not for herself; she was worried about her husband. He told me how much he still loved her, after so many years. When I found out that it was their anniversary, I thought they had to celebrate it,” said Ferretti to a local media outlet.

According to the Daily Mail, the celebration lasted only 10 minutes, and a candle was placed on a cake without lighting it since it cannot be lit close to the oxygen.

The couple held hands as the medics played the Wedding March.

In a Facebook post, Ferretti said that Sandra was crying tears of joy, and her husband only spoke about how in love with her he is.

Images: Facebook / Roberta Ferretti

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