Andrea Bocelli serenades wife as a 'thank you'

Andrea Bocelli serenades wife as a ‘thank you’

World-famous Italian tenor is known for his beautiful vocals and distinctive voice, and recently collaborated with pop singer Ellie Goulding to sing a breathtaking song called Return to Love. He dedicated a Christmas version of this song to his wife, and it will leave you in tears.

Bocelli was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma after a football accident, and went completely blind at the age of 12. Since he first launched his career in 1982, he has recorded 15 solo albums, along with three greatest hit albums and nine complete operas.

Bocelli has said that his success would be nothing without the support of his beautiful wife Veronica. He arranged this beautiful surprise to thank her for all her love and support throughout the years, and blindfolded Veronica before leading her into their house. When her blindfold was removed, she discovered her husband at the piano, along with a gospel choir to serenade her.

See the stunning performance here:

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