Bride saves father after he collapses at her wedding

Bride saves father after he collapses at her wedding

Your wedding day is meant to be a fun and stress-free day with your loved ones. Unfortunately, disaster struck for a UK bride when her father collapsed while dancing at her recent wedding. Luckily, she is a trained nurse and jumped in to save the day.

While dancing to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, father John Douglas (65) “fell like a sack of potatoes” and stopped breathing, reports the New York Post.

Douglas has suffered from heart problems for years, and while he had taken the necessary medication on the day, his blood pressure dropped after he drank tequila during the wedding.

Bride Kim Leary (37) immediately sprung to action and resuscitated her father. Along with her husband, they spent the remainder of their wedding night at the hospital with her father.

“The paramedics said he was very lucky to survive. Thank God he didn’t die,” Leary told The Sun. “It would have turned the best day ever into the worst. I did joke I was glad he saved it for midnight and not when I was walking down the aisle,” she quipped.

Douglas spent five days in the hospital, and received a motorized scooter to help him move around more easily.

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