How to create the perfect sanitising station for your big day

How to create the perfect sanitising station for your big day

Stop, drop and sanitise is the new motto of life in the time of coronavirus. While large events are discouraged, weddings are allowed to continue as long as everyone in attendance follows strict health and safety protocols.

Lathering up on hand sanitiser is not the most glamorous thing to do, but there are ways to make it a bit more fun and interesting for your guests. Instead of plonking some sanitiser on a table, consider setting up a dedicated sanitising station.

Sanitising stations are trending in the wedding world at the moment. Here are some tips to put your own together.


Speak to your wedding venue to have your sanitizing stations set up at all entrances and exits. Remember to also consider spots your guests are likely to congregate at, like restrooms or the bar area. Assign someone the job of monitoring the stations and refilling them when the need arises.

Touchless sanitisers are best, to reduce the amount of contact your guests make with items. They are, however, the more expensive option. If you cannot afford that, simple pump bottles are perfect to get the job done. Make sure to have wipes on hand as well in this case, so guests can use them to wipe the pump bottle down before or after use.


Have a little fun with your station by creating a punny sign to stand alongside your sanitiser. Here are some ideas:

– Spread love, not germs

– Stop, drop and sanitise

– You can’t touch this (unless you’ve sanitised)

Dress it up:

You don’t want a boring table that looks like it belongs in a hospital. Give it life by placing it on a fancy drinks cart, and dress it up with some flowers that match your wedding colours and aesthetic.

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