Stunning underwater wedding photography makes waves

Stunning underwater wedding photography makes waves

A memorable image will live on forever, and this one is pretty magical. This couple combined their love for each other and the water to create a breathtaking underwater image.

Photographer Kimber Greenwood captured a stunning image of newlyweds still in their wedding attire kissing underwater at Kelly Springs in Apopka, Florida. Of the image, Greenwood says, “This is a two image composite. The current was intense so my assistant was holding me in place! I love underwater portrait work and this session was a dream come true!”

The image quickly made waves, and was even given an honourable mention in the Underwater Art category at the Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition.

Credit: Kimber Greenwood
Another shot from the photography session. Credit: Kimber Greenwood

Greenwood must have found a passion for underwater photography. She also offers underwater maternity shoots!

Feature image: Unsplash

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