Brow lamination: the easy way to feathery brows

Brow lamination: the easy way to feathery brows

While the term ‘laminating’ may remind you of your days at school, it’s gotten a new upgrade in the beauty world. Brow lamination has risen as a less-permanent alternative to microblading, allowing people to have the eyebrows of their dreams.

If you’ve got pesky eyebrows that won’t stay in place no matter how much eyebrow gel you apply, brow lamination might just be for you. Brides who get these procedure done can rest assured their eyebrows will be on point for their wedding day.

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is almost like a perm for your eyebrows, which will leave the hairs structured into a particular shape. The hairs are brushed straight up and a chemical treatment is applied to retain it. Once removed, the brow hairs appear fluffy and feathery.

At first, the brows can appear quite overwhelming and straight. However, they settle within a few days.

Who is the ideal customer?

This treatment is ideal for people with bushy brows that follow irreguar patterns as it trains the hair to go in one direction. It’s also good for those with finer, more sparse brows as it can create the effect of fulller brows.

Another bonus is that it’s not permanent, as it typically lasts for eight weeks as your eyebrow hairs grow out. Microblading, however, lasts for about a year and the procedure can be painful, which deters many.

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Natural defined lamination 💓 BROW LAMINATION| ✨ SUITABILITY: Suitable for all hair textures. Results will last depending on hair texture, growth rate and the type of lift you choose. Varies from brow to brow. (Lasts up to 8weeks). You decide the lift you want, you choose your own shape. We play around with shapes till you’re happy✨ 🩹PATCH TEST: Allow 5 workings days when booking 💵 Treatment Price: £50 (Shape + Tint + Wax) ⏰ TREATMENT TIME: 1hr 30 – 2hrs ❗️AFTERCARE: It is very important you stay away from water, steam and keep away any sort of product from your brows for the first 24hours. Apply the brow mask/oil provided to you at least once a day (or both morning and night time). It’s important to keep them hydrated!💧 ❓IMMEDIATELY AFTER TREATMENT: Your eyebrows will look dark even if you chose not to apply tint as the solutions darken them by a tone. This will fade away eventually. They will also look shiny, extremely sleek and some hair strands will be stuck to each other This will be gone once washed after 24hrs. 🖤TIPS FOR DAILY AFTERCARE: In the mornings your eyebrows may look messy if you sleep on your front, first things first apply a bit of your brow oil and brush your eyebrows into place. If you shower/wash your face do not scrub your eyebrows! It is very important you apply brow oil (We will provide you with our oil mix, however you can choose to use an alternative oil: coconut oil, argon oil). If you don’t hydrate your brows they could loose their straightness✨ ❗️For the best results I advice you not trim your brows 3 weeks prior to your treatment. Only clean around your eyebrows if you really must. #browlamination #trending #eyebrowshaping #eyebrowlamination

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How does it work?

This treatment is similar to a lash lift, and is not painful although it may slightly irritate sensitive skin. Two treatment solutions are applied to the brows. First, a keratin-infused straightening treatment is brushed through the hairs and left on for 20 minutes to soften them and make them more malleable. In the next step, the hairs are brushed into the desired shape and another solution is applied to keep them in place.

How to maintain it?

For the first 24 hours after your appointment, it is important to avoid getting your brow hairs wet. Thus, one should avoid exercising, swimming, going out in the rain or wetting their face when bathing. You should also condition the brows daily with a lash serum, ask your beautician to recommend a good product.

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