Cute ways to serve ice cream at your wedding

Cute ways to serve ice cream at your wedding

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. On a hot summer’s day, nothing is better than the refreshing coolness of an icy lolly.

With the hot season approaching, it’s best to plan ahead and think of creative ways to keep your guests cool during a summer wedding. Ice cream may seem casual, but it is also fun and nostalgic. A major trend for modern weddings is personalisation, so why not incorporate a childhood favourite into your big day?

Here are some ways to include ice cream into your wedding:

Escort cards:

Use the stick of the ice cream to display your guest’s name, and arrange them in groupings that match with your seating chart. Your guests can simply grab a lolly and head to their table!

Match the colour of the ice cream to your wedding day, and incorporate fruits that are popular in the season like strawberries and watermelon.

Wedding favours:

Give your guests something to nibble on when they leave your wedding. Simply arrange ice cream lollies on a table, and your guests can help themselves.

Ice cream carts:

Food trucks are super popular for weddings, so why not have a dessert truck? Load it up with a variety of ice cream flavours and toppings, like fruit, chocolates, nuts and sauces. Your guests can mix and match to create their own unique concoctions.

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