5 ways to modernise your wedding for the 21st Century

5 ways to modernise your wedding for the 21st Century

While weddings are known as traditional and sometimes sacred passages of life, in the 2020s many couples are looking for a more modern approach to declaring their love.

Here are some ways to modernise your wedding and bring it into the 21st Century without losing the magic.

Reconsider your outfits

The white wedding dress may be your dream but it does scream traditional. If you’re wanting to update your wedding, try a colourful dress or a more modern silhouette, either a sleeker dress or even a jumpsuit or pantsuit.

You can also consider the outfits for your wedding party if you decide to have one. Rather than the classic flowy bridesmaid’s dress, consider something more streamlined and less ethereal.

Choose a new age venue 

A grand old building might be the fairytale for some, but a more modern wedding needs cleaner lines and less stained glass. Museums, art galleries and even libraries are unique venue choices many modern couples are opting for.

Outside weddings can be an easy option or those held in recently built wine farm venues. Think big windows, clean lines and a neutral palette (although an accent wall and some modern art wouldn’t hurt either).

Be sure to keep your decor and furnishing in line with this look, unless you specifically enjoy an exciting clash of styles.

Ditch the wedding party

Big weddings with groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers might be great for some but, as with most things modern, simpler is often better.

Rather than having everyone up there with you, have your friends pull through with all the assistance you need without the special procession at the altar. They can still plan your bachelorette or kitchen tea and say speeches if you want but there isn’t much of a need for them to be front and centre.

Leave-out the silly extras 

Since you’re wanting to keep this sleek and stylish, leave out all the ridiculous traditions that, while fun, if you’re not a believer, can sometimes become absurd.

Take out the bouquet toss and spare your single friends the cringe, ditch the garter and avoid the cringe yourself, make your entrance your way and try something more exciting than rice. If you don’t want to dance in front of everyone first then you don’t have to.

This part is really about you and what you want from the day. You can even decide to incorporate newer traditions or ones that are entirely your own.

Stray from the standard format

If you’re not keeping it classic, why not do it your way? Have the ceremony in the middle of the event or incorporate something you love into the entertainment. If you’re going to take pictures, why not leave your guests getting the party started with a silent disco? The list of options are endless but the point is you don’t need to feel hamstrung by the regimen of ceremony, drinks, dinner and dancing.

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