Cotton gift ideas for your second anniversary

Cotton gift ideas for your second anniversary

While big anniversaries like the first, five, and tenth year tend to be celebrated the most, every year of marriage is special in itself and deserves to be honoured.

Every year of your marriage holds new significance, with a particular symbol to represent it. The traditional wedding gift for the second year of marriage is cotton, meant to symbolise the strength and flexibility of your union. The modern-day wedding gift is often centred on fragile china. Fragile and easily broke, fine china symbolises the delicate nature of marriage and the importance of caring for it carefully.

While there is no need to go big on your wedding anniversary, there are many ways to incorporate the symbols into a wedding gift. Regardless of your budget, these cotton-related ideas are perfect to match the symbolism of the second year.

– Matching bathrobes

– Luxurious bed sheets

– A printed canvas of your written wedding vows

– Cotton pajamas

– Cotton chef’s apron

– Monogrammed throw blanket

– A hammock for two

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