Bridal beauty from around the world

Bridal beauty from around the world

It’s easy to think that popular bridal fashion, including makeup, attire, accessories and more is the same everywhere. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Across the world, bridal beauty looks differ depending on where you go.

Of course, they’re all stunning. But an Indian bride, a Chinese Bride, and a European bride, for example, are all likely to look and be dressed completely differently on their big days.

That being said, you’re probably wondering how exactly bridal beauty looks on different parts of the globe. Well, wonder no longer, here are 6 different ways brides are styled from around the world:


The look Japanese brides go for will differ depending on their religion. However, modern brides often opt for a red or white kimono. Traditionally, a Japanese bride would paint her face white, but now they go for more natural makeup looks. An up-do with floral accessories are common for their hairstyles on their big day.


In this East African country, brides adorn the faces with gold chains. Often the nose is pierced before the wedding, and is decorated with a chain.


Nigerian bridal looks differ widely within the country, as Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups within it. For this reason, traditions differ. However, it is common for Nigerian brides to wear bright colours and to wear a head tie called a Gele.


In Yemen, brides start their beauty regimes up to five days before the wedding. Included in this is the Hammam Turkish bathing tradition. Yemeni brides wear henna on their hands and feet, and they don gold or silver jewellery and veils.


Indian brides, specifically those who are loyal to Hinduism, wear red on their wedding day. Nose rings are considered a mark of beauty and thus they are very popular for brides in India. Henna decorates the bride’s hands, and black Kajal emphasises her eyes.


In Armenia, it is common for brides to thread the entirety of their faces before the wedding. This is to ensure a smooth looking profile on the big day. Their style is similar to that of an American bride.

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