Trending in beauty: The fox-eye

Trending in beauty: The fox-eye

With all the time on your hands right now, it seems like the right time to perfect your makeup skills. The latest makeup trend sweeping the beauty blogs is the fox-eye look, and it might just inspire your bridal beauty look.

The fox-eye look is a makeup technique that makes your eye appear more angled and elongated, like a fox. The trend originated on Tik Tok and is typically accompanied by straight, archless eyebrows to make your eyes appear even more angled.

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However, if you’re not willing to shave off the ends of your brows to achieve this look, fear not. When filling in your brows, you could simply add more product in the arch to make the brow appear straighter. You could also skip the brows all together and focus on your eyeshadow to achieve this effect.

The eyeshadow effect requires you to ‘contour’ your eyeshape from above your crease upwards towards your browbone. This creates a shadow, making it appear as if your eye is naturally shaped this way. Complete the look with angled liner using a dark brown eyeshadow then softly diffuse the line. It’s not a cat-eye liner you want, this look is much softer and more ‘natural’. Then sharply define and elongate your inner eyeducts to make them appear more angled. Voila, the fox-eye!

Here are a few tutorials to help you perfect the look:

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