9 Ways to update your wedding manicure

9 Ways to update your wedding manicure

We have all seen the standard French manicure one too many times. While the classics are still great, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on new trends that the season has to offer. We detail just a few that have caught our attention.

Double French Manicure


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Double French #drybynails Manicure by Elitsa @drybylondon

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For the simple, yet classic bride, the double French manicure uses precision and negative spaces to achieve the desired look. Using a fine tip brush, paint white, or any colour for that matter, along the top of your nail and along the part of your nail that starts growing over your finger.

50 Shade of nude


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Gradient nudes are quite on trend at the moment, with an array of shades available. Solid colours for each nail is all the look requires, so there isn’t any detail to be concerned about. As long as the colours have a similar undertone (such as a cool or warm shade), they can work well together. Browns, taupes, light pinks and beiges are perfect nude options for all skin tones.

Painted Cuticles

The half-moon shape at the bottom of our nails is actually called a lunula. Not everyone’s lunula can be seen on their nails, however, this wedding nail trend exaggerates them in the most beautiful way possible. Start with a solid nude shade across the whole nail. Once dry, use white nail polish to form the half-moon across the base of the nail. This wedding nail trend keeps your nails neutral yet chic.

Say it with a heart

Subtle nail art speaks louder than over-the-top gestures in some cases, and this is definitely one of those times. A simple heart decal or even one done free-hand adds that romantic touch to a light pink manicured nail.

Golden Edges

Gold always adds that something extra to a nail design and draws your attention in. This look simply uses gold nail polish along the edges of the nail, from the base to the tips. Each nail is done differently to create variety within a look but still keep it cohesive.

Mother Pearl

Pearls are a wedding staple, and this look is no exception. Keep it subtle by only including pearl details on one of the fingers from each hand. Be sure to include the pearls while your polish is still wet so the pearls are held in place.

Vertical Manicure


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Tippex nails by Corina @drybylondon . . . #drybynails #drybylondon #dryby #nailsofinstagram #nails #nailart #beauty #london

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Turn the standard manicure on its side with this vertical French manicure. To create sharp line edges, use tape to block out the sections you wouldn’t want paint to get onto. To keep this look even more trendy, ensure the index finger is the only one with the manicure running the standard, horizontal way. Finish the look with a clear gel top coat and you’re good to go.


Monograms are a personal touch to add on your special day. You are also able to include them on any nail colour, from darks to nudes. Including the monograms on your ring finger just emphasizes your wedding ring that much more. If you don’t have a steady hand to free-hand the letters, use vinyl stickers and ensure it’s sealed with a top coat to avoid any nicks and chips.

Subtle Bubbles


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White summer raindrops #drybynails 💦☀️🦄

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With these nails, you might hear the bride shout ‘bubbly, please!’. A simple look, yet a stunning effect with just two colours. Begin with white nail polish and a dotting tool, creating larger white circles closer to the top of the nail and smaller circles around the middle, keep the bottom of the nail remaining clear. These dots can then be outlined using a gold fine brush and the entire nail look sealed off with a clear top coat.

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