6 ways to announce your engagement

6 ways to announce your engagement

Getting engaged is an incredible moment that both you and your partner will never forget and will want to share with the world. In the digital age, social media is the way to go for engagement announcements but don’t rely on a basic post, get creative with it!

1. Plain and simple

A straightforward way to announce your engagement is to show off the star of the show: your sparkling engagement ring! Have your soon-to-be husband pose in the background for an extra detail.

2. Picture pawfect

Including your furry friends in your engagement post could deliver an adorable result. Dress them up and include them in your engagement shoot to have them share their humans’ exciting news. After all, dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend!

3. Include the family


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Read till the End❤️? “The day after I gave birth to our son Seamus, the nurses told me they had to take him for a test (totally believable after delivery!), but instead, they were helping Alex put Seamus in a onesie that read “Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?” When they brought him back in, I immediately noticed he was wearing something different. It was the first real outfit I had seen Seamus in, and I was confused because I hadn’t asked them to put anything on him yet. Alex told me to read the onesie, and I *immediately* started crying. Alex got down on one knee, said the sweetest things about how he always knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and asked me to marry him…” Tag who you would Love to share this with ??❤️? … Our congratulations to @lwhit1009 & @hazer92 Follow?? #she_saidyes & @she_saidyes for nore? … : : : … #ruffledblog #justengaged #wanderingweddings #heproposed #justsaidyes #uniquewedding #engagementphotographer #boda #marryingmybestfriend #marryme #weddingbands #finejewellery #ringshot #marrymerings #imengaged #bestfriend #ourrelationship #wereengaged #soontobemrs #futuremrs #newlyengaged #gettinghitched #weddedbliss #weddingbliss

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If you and your partner have kids include them in your engagement post to make it a special family affair. Have them share the news by posing with your ring or props, or even wearing clothing items that sport sayings such as ‘Mom and Dad are getting married!’

4. Share it


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Such a Wonderful Moment?❄️?? “At the top of the hike, Alex suggested we take some photos of the view, so i whipped out my camera and tried to get a great panoramic shot. When I turned around to show him, he was walking toward me with a beautiful, hand-carved wooden box and a sweatshirt that read “ I’ll LOVE YOU TO THE MOUNTAINS & BACK”❤️? … Tag your Loved ones to share the Inspiration with them & Tag us to your Proposal Story for a chance to be Featured #She_Saidyes ❤️? … : : : … #gettingmarried #weddingphotos #truelove #weddingphotographer #ilovethis #reallove #photooftheday #excitement #proposal #yes #engagement #loved #engagementphotos #engaged #inlove #soulmate #weddings #winterlove #iloveyouforever #brides #loving #iloveyou #excited #ringselfie #supriseproposal #weddingseason #suprise #happysaturday

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Get personal with your engagement post by adding in details about you and your partner. Do you have a favorite movie? Why not make a movie poster as your engagement post. Are you or your significant other artistic? Why not make a doodle depicting the proposal to share on social media. You could also make a collage of all your treasured moments together. For example a movie ticket from your first date and all the mementos you have collected throughout your time together.

Instagram’s Story feature is also a creative way to announce your engagement. You could make a series of stories depicting you and your partner’s love journey that led to the engagement or have fun with the Boomerang feature or some filters on your Instagram Story.

5. Hold a shoot

You can never go wrong with a traditional, timeless engagement shoot. These photos will never go out of style and will be a moment in time captured that you can cherish forever. You could have the engagement shoot at a place which is special for you and your partner, like the restaurant where you had your first date, or if you both love the outdoors, the beach or forest. You can also try to hire a photographer or even set up a hidden camera yourself to capture the exact moment you or your partner proposes. These photos will depict the shock, joy and excitement you felt during the proposal and take you back to the special moment when you look at them later.

6. Have a party

If you prefer to not share your exciting news on social media, why not have an engagement party with your family and close friends to make your special announcement. Sharing your happiness and excitement with your family and friends while being surrounded by good food, wine and loads of love is a joyous occasion. If you have a date set for your wedding you can also send out save-the-dates to announce your engagement if you want to avoid a social media post. It will be a lovely surprise for your friends and family to receive a save-the-date!

In the end it is not about the engagement post or the amount of likes you receive on said post, but rather about you and your partner, the two lovebirds. Have fun and get creative with your engagement posts but let the main focus remain on the love you and your partner share.


By: Larissa Vermeulen

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