Clash of the scents: A gentleman's guide to fragrances

Clash of the scents: A gentleman’s guide to fragrances

Mixing cologne, body spray, deodorant and aftershave can become a messy affair. Here is our gentlemen’s guide to understanding these different products and how to use them: 
Cologne is the strongest form of fragrance and generally lasts the longest. It’s ideal for nights out, a special date, or more formal functions. Dunhill Icon is an example of a cologne we love. This bold fragrance is perfect for a classy night out!
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Body sprays are the second strongest. These nifty, portable sprays are great for daytime or after gym wear. Sprays last a few hours and can be easily re-applied to keep you smelling fresh.
Aftershave and deodorant serve dual functions. These products don’t just smell good, they also serve a purpose. We suggest using neutral-smelling aftershaves and deodorants to avoid scents clashing and becoming muddied, while still benefitting from their practical usage. 
Aftershave contains soothing and anti-bacterial agents. It prevents irritations, itching, burning and rashes, all while hydrating your skin too. It usually contains a type of astringent, an ingredient that seals up pores to prevent bacteria infecting the skin after shaving.
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Deodorant, the most subdued of all scents, is mostly functional. It’s important to note that not all deodorants are antiperspirants. Antiperspirants close or block the pores under your pits, working against your natural odour, while a deodorant masks the smell of sweat while still allowing skin to breathe. Antiperspirants not only reduce sweating, but also regulate your skin’s pH level, preventing stinky pits.
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To strike a perfect balance, we suggest choosing one fragrance (cologne or body spray) according to the occasion and combining it with a neutral aftershave and deodorant.
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