Woman jokingly smacks partner during Disneyland proposal

Woman jokingly smacks partner during Disneyland proposal

Proposals are romantic occasions, and usually don’t involve a physical response. However, this bride misunderstood the moment and ended up slapping her partner as he popped the question.

In a video posted to TikTok, Gracie O’Neill shared a throwback video from her husband’s Disneyland proposal years ago. The pair pose for pictures in front of Disney’s castle before her husband, or boyfriend at the time, goes down on one knee to propose.

As he does, his bride-to-be jokingly slaps him on top of the head, believing the moment to be a fake proposal. Her husband has reportedly “fake proposed” to her before.

“This time I’m not kidding,” her groom-to-be says in the video. Gracie appears shocked and breaks down in tears of happiness before accepting the proposal.

@hgoneillseriously the happiest day of my life!!♬ original sound – Gracie

The original TikTok video has since gone viral, earning over a 5.6million views.

Picture: screenshot from video

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