Wedding styles for short hair

Wedding styles for short hair

Sporting the pixie cut or the savvy bob? No stress. There is still lots to do with it! Short hair is very hot right now, and can go whichever way you want. We’ve got feminine, we’ve got glamorous, we’ve even got fun. You choose.

Gold flecks
These are a stunning new trend and we’re here for it. Simply spray some hair spray and stick the foil flecks on your hair to rock this look.

A tiara never goes out of style and adds sparkle to any look. We love this chic look.

Styled curls
Curls are temperamental and depending on the style you want, be sure to try it out first. This finished look is the more put-together cousin of the messy curls and perfect for a wedding.

A classic vintage look, this style goes well with glitzy hair pieces.

Plaits are a beautiful addition to any look and just subtle enough to not be overpowering. You can go with plaits around your head or over your head like a head band.

For a more edgy look, the comb-over is all the rage. Sweep all your hair to one side and separate with a path. Make sure to keep the hairspray nearby!

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