5 Options for your first dance as newlyweds

5 Options for your first dance as newlyweds

The couple’s first dance at a wedding is one of the most memorable moments. All eyes are firmly glued to the newlyweds as they hold each other in a tight embrace and glide across the dance floor. It is a highly anticipated moment at any wedding.

Since it’s such a popular part of the celebration, couples often spend days or even weeks fussing over the perfect song to dance to. Even celebrities ensure that they’ve got the perfect tune to sway to.

Another consideration, of course, is the style of dance. There are so many options it could make your head spin (and that’s before you start practicing). Here are some of the top styles, to help you make your decision:

The Waltz 

Nothing really compares to the classics, and that goes for dance styles too. The Waltz has always been a popular option. There are a few different forms of this style, including American, International, French, and Viennese.

There are some steps you’ll have to learn, of course. A few moves are what make the dance a Waltz. These include box steps and turning patterns.

The Salsa 

Although it is fast-paced and a bit complicated, if you’re willing to learn, the Salsa will definitely add some flavour to your wedding celebration. Its a sensual dance, perfect for newlyweds. You may, however, have to account for a costume change, to allow for extra freedom of movement, if you decided on this style.

The Sway 

This one is for the couples who’d prefer to not spend too much time getting to know the steps of a dance. It’s extremely simple, and even those who claim to have two left feet can easily get the hang of it.

The Swing

For couples who are comfortable with more complex dance moves, and are looking for something more upbeat, the swing is a great option. It fits in with a vintage style, if that’s what you’re going for with your theme, but may require you to ensure that your outfits are more comfortable than the average wedding attire, as jumps, lifts, and kicks are common in this dance style. Of course, you don’t have to add all the theatrics, you could just stick to the basics.

The Foxtrot 

The playful couple would most likely opt for the foxtrot. It’s a medium tempo, and takes a bit of practice, but will be well worth it.

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