How to plan the ultimate tropical beach wedding

How to plan the ultimate tropical beach wedding

If you love the sound of crashing waves and the feeling of sand between your toes, you should consider having a beach wedding. It’s important to spend your special day in a place that makes you and your partner happy. So, with summer fast approaching, why not celebrate your nuptials tropical-style?

Tropical beaches are specific to certain geographic areas throughout the world that are near the equator. The hot, sunny and humid climate in these regions make for splendid tropical fruits and flowers. For a wedding in this vein, think bright colours, large flowers and leaves and fresh, juicy fruits. Oh, and coconuts, of course.

This theme will fit a laid-back couple perfectly as it allows for a more casual setting. However, it is easy to spice up if you would like it to be more formal.

Here are some key components to keep in mind:


The decor should rely on the natural surroundings. White sand, blue water and green palm trees or other vegetation are likely to already be part of the setting. Add some bold extras that tie in with the theme such as yellow and pink by using fruits and flowers.


Typically, comfortable attire will blend in well with the beach. Opt for a short dress or a two-piece in light, flowing fabric to avoid the heat. However, if you are keen on rocking that perfect diamond-studded princess dress, don’t let anyone stop you!


Consider where you will be walking. If there is a pathway to the altar and the reception is indoors, high heels will work. But if you plan on getting onto the sand, grass or rocks, release your inner child and go bare foot! You can also go with flats or pumps.


Tropical beaches are teeming with brilliant flowers. Use a professional florist to help you choose your selection of flora, and refrain from picking them straight from the environment as it might be illegal. Some beautiful tropical flowers to consider are:

– African Violet

– Blanket Flower

– Blood Lily

– Blue Passion Flower

– Bougainvillea Glabra


Here you get to go wild! Make sure you have your colour scheme figured out first, then select stationery that complement it. Two or three of your main colours are enough to use, as more might seem overwhelming.


Keep things beachy with the reception and have it on the sand too if the weather is good. Try not to use small decor items that may fall from the tables and get lost in the sand. If it’s very warm, host the reception under trees or a tent, or set up umbrellas to provide shade.


No tropical island is complete without the necessary drinks. Beautifully crafted cocktails are a must. Serve drinks in hollow coconuts, pineapples or watermelons and add some frozen fruit pieces like berries that can serve as ice.

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