Coping with your wedding date change

Coping with your wedding date change

In the midst of these uncertain times we’re living in, couples are forced to make tough decisions around their weddings or look at alternative options. If you happen to find yourself in this very predicament, wedding and event planners Stark Events are sharing some tips to help you cope with the challenges including changing your wedding date.

Allow Yourself To Go Through The Motions

Yes, sure we’re going through far bigger problems on a global scale, but it’s really okay to feel angered, sad, frustrated and just plain disappointed. You’ve set your heart on it and you’ve been planning this day since your engagement (possibly before), so you’re allowed to have these emotions triggered. But remember, while it’s okay to feel angered and overwhelmed, these emotions should not be allowed to consume you. Give yourself time to grieve, but bounce back from it and plan for the future.

Chat To Your Wedding Vendors

Communicate your decision of changing your wedding date to your service providers. Don’t panic about needing to open the conversation as this is a global pandemic and everyone is in the same boat. Be open and feel free to ask as many questions as possible – your wedding planner, venue and other service providers will gladly assist in making this transition as easy as possible.

Don’t forget to check with all your vendors what their policy is in terms of refunds and postponements.

Communicate To Your Guests

Sit down with your fiancé and work out a plan of action as to how you’ll go about communicating your date change to your guests. Due to your wedding date changing, you will most likely have some guests who can no longer attend due to prior commitments. While this isn’t ideal, be gracious and try making alternative plans with these guests post wedding. Who could possibly say no to an intimate post wedding celebration?

Keep An Open Mind

Be as flexible and accommodating as possible. We know that you’ve set your heart on certain aspects regarding your wedding day, but unfortunately, it is now out of your control. Take a moment to process it all and tackle the rest of your wedding planning head on, but with a clear and open mind.

Celebrate Your Original Date

You’ve chosen your wedding date for a reason and we encourage all couples to go ahead and celebrate it. Despite not being able to host your actual wedding on this particular date, plan something special with your partner. An intimate, candlelit dinner paired with soft music and champagne on ice sounds idyllic to us!

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