Vintage-inspired wedding dresses

Vintage-inspired wedding dresses

The timeless bride deserves a dress to match. From Gatsby glamour to Victorian silhouettes, there is a wealth of fashion inspiration from yesteryear.

Get inspired by the trends of the past when picking your dress for the big day. The focal trends will differ depending on your favourite era, so the best plan of action is to do your research.


The Victorian-era was all about drama in a modest fashion. Women wore pouffed out dresses adorned with lace and romantic charm. Opt for a high-neck, lace number to harken back to a Victorian style.


When we picture the roaring 20s, we envision opulence, flash and drama. A time of decadence, 20s fashion reflected of the spirit of bold women. Think elaborate beading and geometric designs for a flapper-inspired 20’s look.


60s bohemian:

The 60s was all about peace and love. Boho fashion entered the mainstream during this time, dressing women in flowing fabrics and unique lace/crochet detailing. Channel your inner hippie with these elaborate looks.

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