5 ways to avoid a family takeover at your wedding

5 ways to avoid a family takeover at your wedding

Letting your family help out with all the wedding planning can be fun, exciting, and a relief. But they can often become too involved and start taking over, causing unnecessary drama and stress before the big day. It’s important to set some boundaries while still letting your loved ones know that their help is appreciated, which is why we’ve come up with simple solutions to getting everyone involved without it turning into a family takeover,


Assign your family members certain tasks to complete, making sure they keep you informed with their progress. This can be anything from making invitations to table decorations, leaving you to sort out the bigger decisions.


Keep in contact with your family about your decisions and the progress of the wedding planning. This will allow them to feel like they are a part of it all, and that you value their opinion. It’s also important to speak up when you are unhappy, but approach it in a calm and gentle way.


If your parents are footing some of the bill, they’ll want to have a say in some of the arrangements. Welcome their ideas, but also explain your and your fiancée’s vision for your wedding before you get started.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with pressure from all sides, get your wedding planner to step in and act as a buffer between you and your family. This will also give them the opportunity to update everyone on the wedding progress and what plans are in place to achieve your vision.


Keep certain aspects of the wedding planning decisions off limits. This doesn’t mean you can’t involve your family or keep them in the loop, but be strictly clear that it is for you to decide. This can be about your guest list, the dress, or wedding cake. To counter any protests, give your family something they are passionate about, such as the catering or wedding stationery.

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