Not all grooms want to plan a wedding...

Not all grooms want to plan a wedding…

When you find the person who you want to spend forever with, you are aware of the different personality traits you each possess.
We spoke to Helen Searra, a qualified life coach about wedding planning and here is what she had to say about grooms who have no interest in wedding-planning.
“While planning a wedding may be of interest to you, he may not share the same feeling. This does not mean he isn’t interested in the wedding.
“Having different interests and hobbies make a relationship interesting. You can learn from one another. Find out if something you’re interested in might be something he’s interested in but has never had the opportunity to explore, and vice versa.
F”ocus on each others strengths.  Some people have no idea or desire to party plan.  Don’t take this personally!
Find a group of friends or family who love party planning.
“Share the fun of planning with people who are interested, that is the best way to generate fabulous, creative ideas.
“Have fun putting the event together and sharing the progress with your partner rather than setting him up to fail.
“The couples attitude and behaviour during the wedding planning can set up a repetitive dance in the marriage going forward, should they come from overly invested expectations of each other.” concluded Searra.
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 Helen Searra is a Cape Town-based life coach. She has been practicing for 10 years in her field. She offers individual counseling sessions and couples counseling both in person or remotely over Skype. She offers package deals of either 4, 6 or 8 sessions. To enquire for a rates card, contact Helen on [email protected] 

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