Transforming your mom's wedding dress

Transforming your mom’s wedding dress

Picture the moment your mom pulled out her wedding dress for the first time in years and your little-girl-heart fluttered with awe and excitement. That was your first chance to be a real princess. Could your mom’s dress transform to its former glamour-giving glory? Most certainly.

Repurposing your mom’s wedding gown has become a sentimental trend that we can’t get enough of. It’s an opportunity not only to breathe life into ”something old” but to carry a piece of your mom and your childhood with you down the aisle. Not everyone is on board the vintage train and your first play-dress might be a far cry from what you envision wearing on your Big Day. Fortunately there are a plethora of ways that your mom’s dress could make the cut.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming there to be only one way of reusing your mom’s gown (merely wearing it). The scope of alterations varies greatly: use the fabric to make your wedding shoes, cover your wedding album or wrap your bouquets. You can also incorporate your favorite parts of the original dress in more subtle ways such as adding snippets of lace onto your bodice, create delicate sleeves or adding trimmings to your veil.


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Other than altering the original dress and wearing it as is, something else to consider is combining old and new fabrics. Don’t be afraid to create layers – if the colour and style of your mom’s dress is too far of a stylistic stretch, disguise the gap under a layer or two (keeping mom even closer to your heart). If you are completely sold on your own design, making yourself a going away dress is also an idea to keep in mind.

Nostalgic and personal motivations aside remodeling a dress that’s been ready and waiting for you all your life is a budget-savvy move. Wedding dresses tend to come with hefty price tags, so getting creative with an old canvas is both a fun and touching way to ease pressure on the bank.

Whether you decide to embrace the retro trend wholeheartedly or transform the best parts of your moms dress into something entirely new, kicking off a possible family heirloom is an added bonus to what is already the most important dress you’ll ever wear.

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