Taking a look at gender-free fashion inspo

Taking a look at gender-free fashion inspo

It’s 2018, and we’re moving into a time where people and fashion are letting go of the norms and setting new trends by unapologetically being themselves. Whether you completely reject gender stereotypes or don’t prescribe to the binary, we’re here to provide you with some gender-free fashion inspo for your wedding wardrobe.

Take a look at some of our favourite androgynous fashion choices this season.

1. @floridaelago

You can never go wrong with a classic suit and chic prints.

2. @houseofandrogyne

All-black is always a winner.

3. @afro.andro

Mix up touches of femininity and masculinity for a balanced look that will leave everyone gushing.

4. @dancingwiththem

Be unique and incorporate alternative and modern styles for your big day.

5. @dancingwiththem

Statement pieces paired with classic styles elevate your wardrobe in amazing ways.

Header image: @nicotortorella
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