What to ask for instead of wedding gifts

What to ask for instead of wedding gifts

Asking for wedding gifts can be a bit awkward. It gets even more uncomfortable if you’re asking for money instead of gifts. But, perhaps you don’t want gifts at all. If you and your partner are philanthropic people, then you may be considering ways to use your wedding to give back.

Requesting charitable replacements for wedding gifts is much easier than asking for alternative wedding gifts such as money. People are likely to be on board, because who could resist such a sweet gesture!

If you’ve set your heart on asking for something charitable to make the world a better place, then consider these ideas:

– Plant some trees 

This is one of the simplest ways to give back. Request that guest plant a tree in place of your gift. You can provide them with seeds or have them buy their own. Either way, its a great option.

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– Donate to a charity 

Organisations such as Greater Good SA, Starfish Greathearts Foundation, Prodder, and Play Your Part are great to help you find and set up a way to use your wedding to donate to a charity. Get in contact with them and find out how you can make the world a better place with your nuptials.

– Ask for a charity pack 

Decide on a cause, for example helping the homeless or providing for a child at an orphanage. Then request that each guest bring a basket or bag filled with goods for somebody in need. You can take the packs to an organisation who will give them out to those who need them most or you can keep a few in your car and give them to somebody in need if you pass them somewhere.

– Help a child in need

There are wonderful organisations that allow for you to easily help a child in need. Get into contact with an organisation with UNICEF and ask how you can donate to their causes. Perhaps you could get every guest to donate a small amount of money, using your wedding as a collection point.

– Set up donation boxes 

Let your guests know you will be having a clothing drive or a food drive at your wedding. Set up some boxes and collect!

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