The pros and cons of wearing your mother's wedding dress

The pros and cons of wearing your mother’s wedding dress

Most, if not all, mothers dream of the day their daughters will walk down the aisle. Often, they also imagine that their little girls will be happy to wear their wedding dresses from decades passed.

While this is an easy ‘yes’ for some brides-to-be, others may be a bit on the fence. Don’t feel bad about it! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be completely original on your special day.

A practice of tradition for some and sentiment for others, wearing your mothers wedding dress can have a lot of meaning behind it. However, you may (like many others) be willing to give up this custom in favour of individuality and self-expression.

To help you weigh up your options, here are some pros and cons of wearing your mother’s wedding dress:


– Your mom will be over the moon 

This is a beautiful way to honour your mother, and it will definitely make her happier than words can explain. A mother loves to see herself in her daughter.

– Money and time saved 

Finding a wedding dress takes a lot of time. It includes several trips to various bridal stores and many fittings too. All of this will vanish if you use your mother’s wedding dress.

You know what else will disappear? The hole in your pocket in the shape of a gown. The money directed towards your dress will dramatically decrease.

– Possibility of alterations

You could alter the dress to keep the pieces of your moms dress that you love, and include parts of a dress that you’d love personally. You could get the best of both worlds.


– Less exciting 

While shopping may be a big task, it is very exciting. Your girls and your mom, all the special ladies in your life, accompany you to find the dress of your dreams. You may miss out on that experience.

– May make you feel overly cautious 

Of course all brides are careful when it comes to their wedding dresses. However, when it’s an heirloom passed down to you, you may feel extra-stiff on your wedding day as you don’t want to spill anything on it or damage it in any way. This could make you a bit uncomfortable on your special day.

– Lack of individuality and orginality 

You may feel a bit like it’s not your dress. This will be unpleasant and can put a damper on the day.

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