5 easy ways to make your wedding stand out

5 easy ways to make your wedding stand out

Your wedding day is the biggest, happiest day of your life. You want it to be extra special and leave a lasting impression. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do anything bizarre or expensive to make your day beautiful. These clever and unique ideas with pieces from FF Decor expertly set up by Spectacular Occasions will make yours a wedding to remember. Here are some things to try.

1. Fairy light dome

Fairy lights are nothing new, but the way you set it up makes all the difference. If you have an outdoor wedding, draping the lights in a dome or rectangular hallway structure will create an enchanted forest-atmosphere.

2. Shaped menu

The menu is important so guests know what they’re being served, but sometimes the tables are already so full, you don’t want anything extra to crowd the space. Why not cut the menu in a perfect circle to fit inside the plate? Problem solved.

3.  Extended table decor

The table decor make a big contribution towards the overall theme and setting. It should enhance the aesthetics and there’s no reason why it can’t continue when the table ends. If you have floor space, use it for your table decorations as well and let the magic continue.

4. Block colours

Having one colour at your wedding is so last season. But beware of getting trigger happy (unless crazy colours are all you. In that case, go for it!). If you have one or two colours or tones you are going with, but you feel like it just needs that little something, add one block colour (the colour opposite your main colour on the colour wheel). This will have an eye catching and interesting effect.

5. Elevated cake

To top it all off, the cake is always the cherry on top. There are numerous ways to make this even more spectacular by using decor pieces. How about this suspended cake? The wooden plank adds an earthy touch and places this marvellous artwork up high for all to see.

Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect decor. The sky is the limit.

Vendors used in images:

Location: Toadbury Hall
Photographer: Leigh Benson
Make up: Amy Sprawson
Rhode Truter
Décor: Spectacular Occasions
Lighting: Draping designs by FF Decor
Flowers: The Bloom Room
Dress 1: Fynbos Bridal Boutique
Dress 2: Johan Botha Fashion Design
Cake: Kelly Jane Cakes
Stationery: Trendy Settings Paperworks

Pictures: Supplied

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