Blazing a trail: Cannabis weddings

Blazing a trail: Cannabis weddings

Want to take your wedding to a higher level? Gather your best buds for an evening that incorporates CBD into your wedding decor and food. You’re ganja have a good time with these lit ideas.

CBD has been smoking hot in South Africa since marijuana was legalised for private use in 2018. From food to skincare, pretty much any product you need can list CBD as an ingredient. Since cannabis has become so mainstream, why not incorporate it in your wedding?

Kind Mind, a small American cannabis business, will soon be offering cannabis wedding planning and catering. In a Facebook post, the business shared some images on how they would incorporate the herb into your big day, and their ideas are far from half-baked.

From a Bud-bar to punny wedding favours, Kind Mind leaves us with high expectations.


South Africans wanting a cannabis-infused menu, we won’t leave you high and dry. Local green thumb and award-winning chef Matthew Smith’s budding new venture, Blazed and Infused, blends cannabis and cooking. Blazed and Infused offers private event catering with a unique THC twist. They even have a cannabis expert is on board to do infusion demonstrations to entertain your guests.

Cannabis-infused butter biscuits. Credit: Instagram / Blazed and Infused
THC infused bacon and sweet potato parcel. Credit: Instagram / Blazed and Infused

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Image: Facebook / Kind Mind

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