Say 'I do' to these top honeymoon tips

Say ‘I do’ to these top honeymoon tips

After the stress of planning your big day, the honeymoon is the perfect time to sit back and relax while you enjoy your first days as a newlywed couple.

Your honeymoon is about romance, adventure, and intimate time with your new spouse. Naturally, you don’t want to have a care in the world besides what outfit you’re gonna wear and to remember to wear sunscreen when out and about.

For stress-free honeymoon planning and a trip that’s nothing short of perfect, follow this easy checklist.

Allocate a captain

Consider electing one person to be responsible for the majority of the travel details. While both views are valid and considered, things are more streamlined if one person handles the reigns. This might be the partner who is handling fewer of the wedding details.

Set a budget

Work out what you can afford to pay first, then make plans around it. This will gauge the destinations, hotels, transport and activities you can include in your trip. Although a lavish trip may be exceptional, keep in mind that life goes on after the honeymoon so be wise about funds and make sure you have something to come back to.

Consider the season

You may get married on a hot, South African summer’s day but if you’re heading north to the likes of Europe it’s likely to be significantly cooler (or the other way round). Take note of rainy seasons – you don’t want to get caught in a three-day cyclone in the tropics.

Book early

For tourist hot spots, try to reserve flights and accommodation at least six months prior to departure. Trips closer to home – two months in advance is suitable.

Don’t lose the maiden name (just yet)

If you’ve decided to change your name after marriage, make sure to use your maiden name when booking flights as you won’t actually be able to use your partner’s name until after the wedding. Make sure to book with the same name as what’s on your passport or ID book.

Rather be safe than sorry

Opt for travel insurance to give you both peace of mind. Compare rates and policies online, with sites like Insure My Trip, or go to your nearest Travel Agent to find out more.

Print out proof; keep it charged

Keep online printouts with you – email confirmations, a copy of your ID or passport and any necessary documents you might need. Don’t forget your camera charger (and an electricity converter if necessary). Have fun!

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