Ideas to make receptions fun for everyone

Ideas to make receptions fun for everyone

A great reception will make for lasting memories, but will take some careful planning. Here are some top tips to ensure your wedding party will be the celebration of the century.

Have a lounge area

Not everyone can keep dancing for hours on end, even if you can. Why not have a lounge area where those with tired feet can sit back and recharge? Have a corner with two or three couches. It’s more comfortable than dining chairs, and dance-weary legs and feet can have a break.

Child-care area

If there are kiddies at your wedding, they’ll soon get bored and tired at the reception. Hire a professional child-minder and set up a separate area where they can play and rest. They’ll be happy and entertained, and their parents can rest assured that the children are safe and looked after while they dance the night away.


If you have a little leeway in your budget, a fun idea to entertain guests and beautify the venue at the same time is to have a table with pots of different flowers in where guests can pick their own and create unique bouquets. They can either put it on their tables, gift them to each other or take them home as a reminder of the special day.

Create-a-cocktail station

Nothing says “good times” like a drinks station. Cater for every taste with an array of different ingredients for making DIY cocktails. You can have a section for this at the bar so everyone can pay for their own cocktails, or have a separate station and let the guests go wild. Remember the nitty-gritty essentials like easy recipes, tot measures, enough ice and stirrers.

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