How to make exciting cocktails for your bachelorette

How to make exciting cocktails for your bachelorette

When one thinks of the drinks offered at a bachelorette party, the classics like vodka-cranberry come to mind. Instead of sticking to the obvious, mix things up with these fabulous cocktail recipes.

1. Alcoholic slush

This one is pretty easy and can be changed to suit various tastes. Whether you prefer vodka, tequila or both, a boozy slush is always a crowd-pleaser. There are equipment companies that hire out these machines, so you don’t have to do all the work. An alcoholic slush is perfect for a summer bachelorette party.

2. Candy floss heaven

To add a touch of flair to your cocktails, add some candy floss to the rim of the glass. It not only looks great but once the candy floss dissolves, it makes the drink taste even better.


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3. Solid cocktails

Who doesn’t enjoy a fruity popsicle with a touch of booze? Opt for your cocktail in frozen form and your guests will be over the moon. You can create a delicious mixture of your preference, poured into a popsicle mould and left to freeze for a few hours. Voila! A unique bachelorette cocktail.

4. Mini cocktails

Served in a tot glass, a mini cocktail is similar to a shooter. The saying “dynamite comes in small packages” rings true with these tasty and tiny drinks. Packing a punch per gulp, mini cocktails are guaranteed to bring an element of fun to the party.

5. Healthy imitation

Soak your favourite fruits in alcohol and serve them on a platter or as an additive to a mix of your choosing. A popular fruit to soak is watermelon. There are two ways to spike this fruit. The first is by cutting a hole into the top and sticking a bottle of booze into the gap. Allow the bottle to drain overnight. The second method is to cut the fruit up and pour the alcohol over the pieces. While a bit messier, it gets the job done.


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There are so many ways to make your cocktails interesting and flamboyant, without having to go to the extreme. Remember, if you are going to serve drinks with straws, make sure to avoid plastic straws and rather use paper or biodegradable straws instead.

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