5 things to consider when planning your wedding registry

5 things to consider when planning your wedding registry

It is very frustrating to receive three of the same thing from different people as a wedding gift. This is because people think in similar ways and they normally don’t know what to get you and so they resort to common gifting. As the bride, you can avoid this and the admin that comes with it. Here’s how:

Don’t wait until the last minute

Start planning and send out your registry ahead of time, you want your wedding registry to be one of the things you do at the beginning of your wedding planning.

Making and setting up a registry takes more time than you might expect it and deserves your attention because you won’t have time to redo it.

Be realistic and practical 

In your wedding registry, you should already be thinking ‘home’ and because of that, your gifts should be practical items that will make the transition of starting a new life easy.

Make a list of things you want in your house but won’t be able to get soon, these should be the gifts your friends and family get you.

Also be mindful of the people buying, you don’t want to make them pay exorbitant amounts but you don’t want cheap gifts, so get a few quotations on each item.

Share your registry

Once you’ve created your wedding registry, make sure you share it with your guests.

This includes coming up with easy ways to access your registry. It could be online where a person can click and get it or share a link with your guests.

Make sure to have a checklist option available for you and the people buying gifts, this makes it easy to see what has been bought and what is left.

Make it a joint project

Put aside some quality couple time to contemplate your future life together and think about what kinds of gifts would make you happy.Your partner must have input on the registry because this is the beginning of your life together, you don’t want anyone feeling left out.

Look for great deals 

Before choosing where to register, find out what kinds of perks and discounts you might get.Approach your desired shops for a registry, they usually give discounts for bulk registry purchases.This option helps get expert advice from someone who’s knowledgeable.

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