Alternative engagement ring stones

Alternative engagement ring stones

An engagement ring holds a large amount of significance for a couple. For hundreds of years, the classic diamond has been a major trend for engagement rings, often honoured for their simple beauty, shine, and value.

But with more and more traditions evolving, the classic diamond engagement ring is slowly being replaced with other special stones, materials and designs that value originality, affordability and meaning.

Take a look at our top picks for alternative engagement rings:


The next best thing to diamonds is the striking tanzanite. With its deep blue, this stone can complement a silver, rose gold or white gold band beautifully. As far as cut goes, tanzanite is popular in many shapes. This teardrop ring shows how tanzanite can pair with other jewels as well.


With a light, dusty pink tint, morganite is an affordable and stunning stone which signifies unconditional love and compassion – two necessary traits in all marriages. This stone is equally as versatile due to its light shade and works well with all metals.


If you want to have a more practical and simple engagement ring, then a plain band with a few jewels may be the one for you. Incorporate your favourite stone, or multiple to make a statement. If you opt for a brightly coloured stone such as the ruby or peridot, your band is bound to stand out.

4.  OPAL

Opals are a rare and highly sought after stone that adds a touch of glamour to a ring. They can give off a vintage appearance, but if you pair it with a simple silver band surrounded by smaller diamonds, it becomes a modern but still unique ring.


Whether it’s an heirloom, has been bought in an antique store, or specially made to appear old-fashioned, vintage rings will always be breathtaking options for engagement rings. The metal is darker and has intricate detail, which is often accompanied by a large and neatly cut stone.


Dare to make a bold statement with a dark and shimmery onyx centrepiece on your engagement ring. This black stone complements yellow gold in a unique and modern way, which has slowly started to pick up attraction on the market.


Having a pearl on your engagement ring definitely adds a touch of vintage elegance. If you are a lover  of all things old-fashioned, opting for these lovely round jewels will bring your dream ring to life.


The cut of the stone makes a big impact on the overall ring. Just simply using an uncut diamond instead of a neatly cut one can change the look and feel of your ring. A rough cut ring is more rustic and natural-looking, for a more organic finish. In this case, it’s better to seek a specialist for a hand-crafted option.


If you love to be different then this is the stone for you. Choosing a turquoise jewel for your engagement ring is a big step, as this particular stone has a very youthful appearance, especially when paired with a dainty band and smaller stones. But you will have a unique and special ring that you value, which is all that matters.


This earthy stone is a beautiful and affordable option for an exquisite natural-looking engagement ring and can be paired with silver or yellow gold for complementary tones. Marvel over its sparkle and changing colours when it catches the light.

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