Exciting things to do on your beach honeymoon

Exciting things to do on your beach honeymoon

After the romantic wedding, comes the romantic honeymoon. Whether you’re jet-setting overseas for an island getaway or heading up the coast of your homeland, there are bound to be endless options of exciting things to do together.

Here are a few ideas for honeymoon inspiration.

1. Scuba diving

Exploring on foot is one thing but getting to know the underwater world is unlike any other experience. With a team of trained professionals, you and your partner can dive deep and explore the oceanic wonders. It really is a world of its own. It’s also the perfect opportunity to snap some unique pics together.

2. Hiking

If you’re on a beach honeymoon, then there’s bound to be a viewpoint of sorts. If you and your partner are quite active, you will enjoy spending some time in the great outdoors. It’s a chance to get in touch with nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Think of those breath-taking scenes that will paint the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon photos.


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#RoysPeak (Post 1 of many 😬) When we hike, I used to be the only psycho one about taking a million photos of the beauty that surrounded us. Then we got selfie stick and for this trip, a #GoProHero, and @ssteview started taking just as many photos and videos as me! (Alright maybe not quite as much as me, but enough for a happy wife 😉.) It isn’t every day that we get the pleasure of hiking 11km and over 4,000 feet in elevation gain, but I love looking back at all these pictures we took along the way. This hike was a tough one and took 6 hours or so to complete, but the views were stunning from the very start and we even got to see some sheep along the way! (Stay tuned for that!) Oh and if you look close enough in the last picture, you will see me struggling to get up the last stretch! 👀 . . #nz #royspeaktrack #newzealand #honeymoonhike #honeymoon #honeymoondestination #queenstown #wanaka #mustdonz #nzmustdo #mustseenz #nzmustsee @purenewzealand #purenewzealand #beautifuldestinations #beautifulplaces @beautiful.newzealand #earthpix @earthpix @newzealandtrails @newzealandguide #southisland #southislandnewzealand #southislandnz #nzsouthisland

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3. Get to know the locals

Exploring the local town you are staying in, is best done on foot. It gives you the chance to interact and talk to the locals, to find out inside information on hidden gems, like restaurants or things to see in the town. It also gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the the culture. This helps you to gain a whole new perspective on a place you were once unfamiliar with.

4. Appreciate the beauty

If walking, hiking and diving aren’t for the newly wed couple, you can simply just appreciate the beauty. Spend your days on the balcony, on the beach under a palm tree or on a guided tour of your destination. Make sure you enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Take a stroll by the ocean and venture out for romantic candle lit dinners. This is your honeymoon after all.


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Till the end of time ❤️ #honeymoon

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5. Sky diving or parasailing

If you’re looking for an extreme honeymoon be sure to check out sky diving. Enjoy the adrenaline rush while you and your partner embark on this adventure. If sky diving is a bit too extreme, opt for parasailing behind a boat. Both get you sky high and are a thrill-seeker’s dream come true.

6. Dancing

Where there is people, there is dancing. Even if you have two left feet dancing can be so much fun. Ask aorund for local dancing spots near where you’re staying and head out. It’s romantic and exhilarating. Enjoy the wiggle and laugh.

7. Spa day

While a couples spa day is appropriate on any honeymoon, take some time to spoil yourselves wherever you choose to go. Indulge in a hot rock massage, relaxing in a steam room or soothing facial. Some spa’s even have couple packages so you and your partner don’t have to loose any time together.


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Couples who spa at Shine Spa together stay together.

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