How to choose a great wedding plus one

How to choose a great wedding plus one

It’s your nearest and dearests wedding coming up and you’ve been given a plus one. With no partner, you have to pick a lucky someone to accompany you to the big bash.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just a plus one, but rather someone you know you can have fun with. The wedding is an important day for your loved ones as it sees the union of two people ready to tie the knot.

So how do you choose the perfect partner to bring along?

1. Respectful

Aretha Franklin said it. The person you pick should be mannerly and respectful. You don’t want to pick someone that will talk during the ceremony and speeches. Or someone that may have their eyes glued to their phone rather than the wedding itself. Choose someone that will show their gratitude for being invited.


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2. Outgoing and fun

Your date should be sociable and friendly. They should be able to hold a conversation and feel comfortable on their own, if you need to step away for some reason. Bonus is if they bring along some whit and charm.


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3. Bust a move

They don’t need to be able to take part in Step Up or Shall We Dance? As long as they can move their feet and have a great time. You don’t want someone that’s afraid of dancing and will just at the table while everyone else dances.

4. Moderate

If there is alcohol involved, your partner should be able to handle their liquor. There is nothing worse than someone who had a bit too much to drink and is falling all over the place. Pick someone that won’t go overboard but knows how to have some fun.

5. Independent

Since it is your loved ones wedding, you will obviously know quite a few people. You’re going to have to mingle with everyone and there may be a few times throughout the night where you’ll need to excuse yourself from your partner. Hopefully they won’t just sit at the table or stand in the corner awkwardly. If they are on their own, they should be independent enough to know what to do with themselves.

6. Smartly dressed

It is a wedding and there’s normally a dress code. Your partner should dress accordingly. They should look great on your arm and should compliment what you wear.

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