Flowers with weird meanings

Flowers with weird meanings

Tradition says that brides carry bouquets on their wedding day to ward of vengeful spirits trying to thwart the newlywed’s happiness.

Today, however, brides aren’t as superstitious when it comes to their bouquets, and often choose any flowers they like. Flowers have their own unique language, and convey unsaid meanings. When picking your bridal bouquet, you might want to keep these blooms out of it.

Be careful when picking the colour of this flower. A white one says ‘you’re sweet and lovely’ and pink says ‘I’ll never forget you’, while two-tones carnations mean ‘I cannot be with you’. Steer clear of yellow ones entirely, as they signify disdain. Not the stuff of romance…
Much like its name, this flower has a dark meaning. Snapdragons have three different meanings: strength, deviousness, and grace. In ancient times, people would send this flower to mistresses, and also to beg for forgiveness from a lover. With its deceptive connotation, you might want to avoid this bloom on your big day.
Unless you’re trying to incite violence, you might want to stay away from this bloom. Tansies have historically symbolised formal declarations of war, and can even tell the recipient that they make the sender sick to their stomach. As such, this flower is associated with feelings of hatred and resistance.

Buttercup is a popular nickname among couples, but this flower has a meaning not that appropriate for loved ones. Buttercups are said to symbolise childishness because it is so closely associated with children, and thus gifting this flower insinuates you think the recipient is too.


This flower is typically gifted to someone going through a process of separation or change where something in their life has ended. It is poisonous, and commonly seen at funerals. It connotes that all good things come to an end. A nice meaning, but not fitting for your big day.


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Orange Lilies

Lillies are much-loved by many but you might want to avoid the orange variation. This flower shade is said to symbolise hatred, pride and disdain.


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