How to involve your kids in your wedding day

How to involve your kids in your wedding day

These days there are so many kinds of families that it is not often those getting married are childless. Whether you have children from previous partnerships or have had a child together before getting married, they are a very important part of your life.

If you are looking to make the wedding a family affair, there are some great ways you can include your children in the wedding day. Here are a few cute ideas.

Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

This one is a bit obvious but giving the children a specific role in the wedding like a flower girl, ring bearer or even part of your wedding party is a simple and effective way to immediately include them on the big day.

Include them in the (non-alcoholic) cocktails 

Weddings are filled with special moments and if you’ve opted for something fun like a gin bar or a signature cocktail, why no let your kids in on the fun with their own fancy drink to sip with the adults or a fun drink-making table, all child-appropriate of course.

Incorporate them in the decor 

If you’re having photos of you and your partner at the venue or on the wedding website, why not include your children as well? It is the perfect way to show how this day is about connecting the family and allows you to indicate to your guests the tone that your wedding is taking.

Write them into your vows 

If you’re not going with traditional vows but rather writing your own, it is the perfect opportunity to speak to your child about this big moment in your shared lives. You can even have your children participate in the vows, talking about their role in this union as well.

Put them on the cake 

Cake toppers are not as in fashion as they once were but if you’re going to go this route why not put little figures for your children onto the cake as well.

The first (family) dance

The first dance is a romantic moment with your partner, so its understandable that you would do your own couples dance first. However, before inviting others to join you, first bring out your little ones to join in on the special moment.

Adorable MC’s 

Wedding speeches need some organisation, so if you have an old enough child who is keen to speak in front of all of your guests, include them by making them the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Especially confident children will love it and it will make the evening quite special.

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