Match your flower arrangement with the season

Match your flower arrangement with the season

Flowers play a very important role on the wedding day, so it is important to match them to the season. Like fruit, flowers are seasonal, and getting the ones you love will sometimes be expensive if they are out of season.


Having a summer wedding is the easiest season because you are guaranteed the best weather, most flowers have bloomed and available and you can have an outdoor wedding. These flowers thrive best in summer:


Roses can be dressed up or down in a bouquet for any type of wedding. You are never limited to colours with these flowers. Shades range from red, yellow, pink, and orange to purple and white. Be careful though, each colour has its own symbolism!


These flowers are perfect for a summer vintage wedding theme. They are available in hues such as yellow, orange, white, red, purple, and pink.


Sunflowers were made for summer with their bright, happy hues and appearance. They’re the perfect bloom for a rustic wedding. They are mostly yellow but you can find orange and red varieties.


Winter weddings are popular for thsoe that love the season, and tend to be more intimate and indoors. The weather is mostly gloomy but your decor doesn’t have to be, here are flowers to help.


Camellias are one of winter’s most-loved flowers Their petals are layered, which adds plenty of texture and you can pair them with thorny green. Their peak blooming season allows them to be readily available and easy to use.


These cuties continue to bloom and thrive during winter’s cold months, and they are also available in a variety of colours like shades of red, purple, pink, and white. They make a room come alive with their flexibility.


Ranunculus are great to use if you are going for the all-white soft florals theme. They are perfect for the bouquet and the groom’s pocket flower.


Spring is the season of hope. During this time everything is bright and beautiful, the sun is out but not too harsh and you want to look like a blooming flower. Your wedding should represent that vibe with these options:


Tulips are great flowers and they look vibrant. You will find them in every colour except for black, blue, and green.


It’s one of the most loved flowers of the wedding season and it’s easy to see why the peony is an all-time favourite. It is the perfect mix of softness and texture, the flower also has a secret meaning – ‘a happy marriage’. It is available in white, cream, burgundy, soft pink, crimson, rose pink, and deep pink


These beautiful flowers have a great beautiful soft scent. They are available in pure white, pale lilac, deep lilac, and pale pink.


This is a season of natural colours. Everything is wilting and is mostly windy, it is hard to imagine that there are flowers that bloom when trees fall. Here are flowers you can find in autumn to make your wedding a day to remember:


These flowers are a nice balance between organic and refined. They are commonly mixed with greens to make a grounding look on your decor. You can find them in pink, white, and a quiet orange.


The Zinnias have an ombre effect. They have a calming effect and can be a great use for a barn-themed wedding. You will find them in various shades, from deep burgundy to the palest blush.


South Africa’s national flower is fitting for a wedding day. It is symbolic of change and transformation across cultures.

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