Embarrassing things mothers have done at weddings

Embarrassing things mothers have done at weddings

Weddings can make mothers go a bit crazy. Considering their child is marrying someone and starting a new life, it’s fair to say that it is an emotional moment. However, some mothers have taken things to a whole new level on their child’s big day.

Here are some of the craziest things mothers have done come wedding day.

I object:

This mother interrupted her son’s wedding as her future daughter-in-law was saying her vows. In a viral Tik Tok video, she continues to heckle the daughter, telling her “You’re not going to say my son has flaws”.

DJ duties:

Music can make or break a wedding. This mother clearly knew this, and went behind the bride’s back to change all the pre-determined music for the big day.

“Oml… so months ago I made selections for my dj music and I have the usual week of DJ call. TURNS OUT MY MOTHER CALLED A MONTH AGO AND SHE CHANGED THE MUSIC FOR EVERYTHING. The ceremony music, bridal party walk in, last dance song… everything. Oml,” the bride explains in a Facebook post.
“Because she is paying she has access to the password on their site to change the music (which she changed my music to music from the 70s and nothing anyone in their 20s would know) the DJ shut down access for everyone, so she can’t change anything back.
“The DJ and I are having a good laugh and I’m not surprised because this is usual behavior for her but ugh… it’s my wedding. Let me pick my music.”

Prior commitments:

This mother-in-law tried to get the bride and her fiancé to change the date of their wedding day because she wouldn’t be available. Fair enough right? Right…except her prior commitment was a Mardi Gras ball that she wants to attend. The wedding date had already been set a month prior and the couple would not be able to receive a deposit if they cancelled.

Matchy matchy:

Wearing white to a wedding day if you’re not the bride is a cardinal sin. Even worse is to wear a dress that is almost identical to the bride. This future mother-in-law did exactly that.

Posting on a Facebook Bridal page, the bride expressed her anger over a picture her fiancé sent her, which shows what his mother plans to wear to the wedding. The mother’s cream coloured lace gown is incredibly similar to the bride’s wedding dress.

The wedding dress vs the mother-in-laws dress. Credit: Facebook

Heartbreak hotel:

Weddings have a habit of bringing the tears, but this one is pretty weird. A mother-in-law (who lost her father 20 years prior) had a full breakdown during the wedding reception because she missed her father. Turns out she had been enjoying the Patron shots a bit too much.

So I finally get a moment to myself during the reception to eat some pie (I cannot stand cake) when my husband’s cousin comes up to me with a look of horror upon her face. She tells me I had better come with her because there is a “situation”,” the bride explains in a Facebook post.

“She leads me to the only restroom in the reception hall and I hear this wretched noise…like imagine that awful cat sex sound..coming from it. She opens the door for me, and I shit you not, there is a huddle of 30 women crying in that restroom. My mother is the center of it SHRIEKING “I MISS MY DADDY” over and over and over. Well, I nope the hell out of that real quick and instruct my husbands cousin to go get my father in law.

“He went in and fireman carried my MIL out of the restroom, all while she is now shrieking about “MY BABY! MY BABY GOT MARRIED TODAY! MY BAAAAAAABBBBBBBYYYYYYY!!!” By the time my husband got out to their vehicle to say goodbye it was revealed that she had been taking shots of Patron…which, by that time, she had vomited all over her dress.”

Present your presents:

Seven months after the wedding day, the mother of the bride sent a message into the extended family group chat to remind guests to send in their wedding gifts.

Come to me:

Settling on a wedding venue can be tough, especially if you’re family lives far away. This mother took things personally when her daughter chose a venue outside of where she lives. In fact, she threatened to skip the wedding entirely!

“I just got engaged (yay!) and my mother is threatening to skip the wedding because it’s not in upstate New York (Buffalo) where my parents live. 90% of the attendees, including my fiancé, myself, his entire family, and our close friends live in NYC so that’s where we want to host it. Plus we figured out a venue and budget that works for us,” the bride explains in a Facebook post.
“My parents are telling me it’s a huge burden and that I must hate them, obviously. I’m not asking them to pay for anything for this wedding, I just asked them to show up. I offered to pay for their travel expenses.
The big excuses? They have five cats and a dog and refuse to let me hire them a pet sitter. Don’t get me wrong, the pets are important and I love them. But my parents are about to skip my wedding because they’ve prioritized and infantilized them.”

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