Proposals fails that are so bad, you can't look away

Proposals fails that are so bad, you can’t look away

A proposal is a special moment, one to remember forever. For this exact reason, you want it to go perfectly according to plan.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we want them to. While a slight deviation from the plan is okay, there are some proposals that went so far off course that they cannot be salvaged.

Here are a few fails that will have you cringing in embarrassment.

The break up:

This couple is known for pranking each other and sometimes going too far, so it’s no surprise that a prank would be part of their proposal story. The girlfriend decided to fake a break up with her partner as a prank, going so far as to say that she had accepted a job in another country and is not in love anymore. After an argument and tears, her partner goes back into the apartment and returns with an engagement ring to admit that he had been planning to propose.

Please say yes:

Public proposals are always risky because there is so much room for error. Despite planning a sweet proposal at a live basketball game, this proposee forgot to factor in whether his partner would actually say yes. She said no in front of hundreds of people before walking away awkwardly, leaving her ex needing to receive comfort from the mascot.

A courting fail:

This couple met in a mall, so this man naturally thought it would be the appropriate place to propose. Mic in hand, he broadcast the proposal in front of a throng of shoppers. As he tried to go down on one knee, his partner literally grabbed him and tried to stop him from proposing. He persisted, and she ended up smacking him over the head with a ukelele before storming off.

Spring it on him:

While on the Jerry Springer show, this woman felt it was the perfect time to propose. She handed her partner a bowl of popcorn, which contained his ring. After she proposed, her partner continued to eat the popcorn in silence as the audience stared. He then rejected her, saying she’s too clingy and secretive. He then admits to cheating on her twice, the most recent time being with her friend. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, the ‘friend’ he cheated with showed up and a physical fight ensued.

Never ask questions:

In another Jerry Springer proposal, things seemed to be going so well. He proposed and she accepted, before turning to Jerry and asking ‘Is that it?’. Unfortunately, that wasn’t it. The man admitted to cheating on her with her friend. The bouquet of flowers he had proposed with then turned into a weapon.

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