What to include in the ultimate grazing table

What to include in the ultimate grazing table

There are two reasons why people come to a wedding, other than to celebrate eternal love of course. Those two reasons are: Free food and free booze.

Alcohol and food go hand-in-hand in that you want to ensure your guests have lined their stomachs enough before the drinking begins.

There is an art though, to ensure all your guests dietary requirements are met. While you can make exceptions for the mains, the grazing table is a beast of its own.

You have to consider the vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, gluten-free, sugar-free and everything else in between-free.

To kill 6 birds with one table, here are some tips on what to include in the ultimate grazing table, without anything going to waste.

1. Cheese and crackers

No this is not the most boring combination on Earth. Cheese and crackers are the unsung hero of a grazing table. You’ve essentially covered every single dietary requirement except the vegans. Wheels of cheese are not only the thing dreams are made of but they are also super helpful in feeding en mass. Throw in some vegan cheese options, salt and pepper, rye and gluten-free cracker options and voila! A feast is born.

A cheese tower is a must. Picture: Pinterest

2. Fruit that isn’t fermented

Wine is a guarantee on the day but the only grapes on the grazing table should not be fermented. Red grapes pair with literally anything, especially cheese, to add a bit of sweetness. If you want to add more pzaz than the old faithful grapes, consider some aesthetically pleasing fruits that won’t grow warm and overripe. Most berries such as blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries look beautiful on a massive table. Seasonal availability will need to be considered. If you’re having a Summer wedding, think mangoes, litchis, watermelon, sliced white nectarines and other stone fruit. The options are endless. It gives the vegans a variety of yummy foods to choose from too.

Fruites galore! Picture: Pinterest

3. Cold meat’s a treat!

Cold meat cuts are generally a crowd pleaser for those who still consume them. Anything Italian or German is sure to go down well. The meat section of your grazing table will pair nicely with the cheese section, so long as it is nowhere near the vegan cheese options. The protein will help to subdue the hunger pangs enough for the long wait that is the post-wedding ceremony photoshoot.

Cold meats for the carnivores. Picture: Pinterest

4. The side pieces

The only side piece one wants at their wedding are those awkward foods that make up a grazing table. Thing gherkins, capers, carrot and cucumber sticks, saucers of olives, baby tomatoes, lemon slices: Those sorts of fruit and veg that aren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing but can act as a glorified cracker or filling nonetheless.

Those awkward fruit and vegetables that complete the grazing table. Picture: Pinterest

4. It’s all about the SAUCE!

Sauces are essential on a grazing table. While they don’t necessarily need to be their own separate amenity, honey drizzles over some figs, some sweet chili over the chevin, and a patê or 5 will go down very well. They also force guests to pair it with a carb, or glorified cracker, which will help line the stomachs BB (Before Booze).

5. Extra additions

If you want to spoil your guests, throw in a few freshly baked breads sliced to perfection. Bread will load them up with carbs and essentially get your guests to consume more of the toppings, so nothing goes to waste on the day!

It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it has to be delicious! Picture: Pinterest

Picture: Pinterest

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