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6 Unique Ways to make Valentine’s Day extra special this year 

2020 – 2021 have not been easy years. A pandemic, endless lockdowns, wedding reschedules and honeymoon cancellations due to travel restrictions have certainly put on damper on things. 

However, it’s a new year and we’re doing things a bit differently! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and a pandemic still a reality, we’re skipping the chocolates this year and opting for things that will show that special person in your life just how much you care about them. 

Through thick and thin, right? Here are six uber-romantic ways to make Valentine’s Day special this year. 

Write a love letter 

Nothing spells romance quite like a beautiful handwritten letter. Messaging the old-fashioned way can be a great way to put your feelings into words and present your significant other with something they can hold on to. Take it up a notch by bringing them breakfast in bed and adding your letter as an appetizer. 

Do something new together 

The couple who tries new things together, stays together! Well, that may not be how the saying goes, but various psychology studies attest to it and claim that new experiences can have a bonding effect on couples. Airbnb Experiences and Hyperli can be great places for you to find new and fun things to do together, just make sure that it’s something both of you have never done before!

A romantic picnic

Summer is the perfect time to grab your picnic basket and enjoy some fun in the sun. Every couple will be heading to your local restaurant, so why not head out and enjoy some fresh air instead. Make it extra special by whipping up something special for your partner – perhaps their favourite dish or dessert, and heading out to the perfect spot in nature. The beach and local park are both great spots for a romantic picnic. 


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Get cooking 

Is there anything more intimate than cooking a delicious meal for your partner? If the thought of spending another Valentines Day in a restaurant has your stomach-turning, consider staying at home and enjoying an intimate night in. Do your best MasterChef impression and have a friendly cooking competition, with scorecards and everything! Give each other a mystery basket of ingredients and find out what the other can cook up in the kitchen. 

A backyard campout 

If you’re not looking to travel far this Valentine’s Day then why not keep it close to home. Grab your tent and enjoy the best camping spot in town – your backyard.  If you have the space, consider transforming it into a romantic outdoor oasis, complete with marshmallows and a campfire. Switch things up by grabbing a sheet and projector and having a romantic movie night under the stars. 

Goof off for the day. 

Become romantic truants by taking a day off and spending it with each other. Start the day off slow by having breakfast in bed, reading a book or binge-watching your favourite show before heading out and enjoying what your city has to offer. You even want to turn up the romance by heading to the spot where the two of you first fell in love!

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