5 Tips to minimise wedding costs

5 Tips to minimise wedding costs

Weddings are expensive. We don’t really need to say it, but if you were ever unsure, then we’ll happily remind you. That being said, these ideas will hopefully help make that dent in your bank account a little less severe.

1 Send an email

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Many cost-effective wedding ideas can also be eco-friendly, including the very first task on your list. Emailing your invites doesn’t only save heaps of paper; it saves you spending money on fancy stationery. Of course, you might want a pretty design on your invites, and a professional designer would be your best bet. While this will cost a little extra, by foregoing printing and mailing charges, you’re bound to save a pretty penny or two.

2 Pick the right venue

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Always dreamt of a farm wedding or a ceremony on a secluded beach? Feel like booking out an entire hotel for the weekend? Think again, kiddo! Your venue may be important but it’s not worth emptying your entire life savings for. Draw up a list of places where you’d like to get hitched then find out which ones can accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite as well as the costs involved (this includes ceremony and reception areas, catering, accommodation and the use of any other facilities in offer). You can then make your final decision based on what you can afford. Alternatively, draw some inspiration from Father of the Bride and get married at home though you’ll need to check with mum and dad first.

3 Be selective with your guest list

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This is a tricky one. You don’t want to offend any of your friends or loved ones but limiting the number of guests at your wedding is, among many things, pretty cost-effective. It means less accommodation and catering costs as well as a smaller venue for the big day (and we know of a few). It also means less spending on other, smaller aspects of the wedding such as invitations (if you’ve decided against email), wedding favours and stationery. In addition, limiting the number people at your wedding increases your chances of saying a quick ‘hello’ to everyone during the reception.

4 Try a second-hand dress

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The first line of the old rhyme should be changed to ‘Something old instead of new’. And ‘something borrowed’ is the way to go as well. Don’t blow a huge chunk of money on a customised dress you’re only going to wear once. Seek out a well-made stylish dress at a sale or second-hand store, or hire one instead. You may come across a stunning vintage garment that sets the tone for your wedding and leaves you looking and feeling like a star from a bygone era. You can also have your bridesmaids save a few pennies by going this route.

5 Use natural, recyclable and DIY décor

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Another environmentally friendly idea that’s also cost-effective is to use natural and recyclable materials as wedding decorations. Think glass bottles, tin cans for flowers and candles, and objects such as stones or pinecones as napkin weights. You can also make your own decorations from a variety of materials, such as these.

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