7 Wedding dessert table ideas

7 Wedding dessert table ideas

This is basically your chance to make your ‘kid in a candy store’ dreams come true. Similar to a harvest table, the dessert table is usually at your wedding reception and served after dinner. It consists of a variety of sweets and treats. It’s normally laid out beautifully and makes for an #instaworthy moment.

Candy bars

This is a fun self-serve option. Dedicate a section to sweets! Put bags and scoops out for people to dish and pack.

Look at all those candy options!

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Mini cakes

If you’re not feeling in the mood for a slice of wedding cake, mini cakes are a great option. Everyone loves bite-sized things, so you have more time to party.

Beautiful dessert table featuring a variety of mini treats.

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Dessert cups

Pudding cups are tasty treats to have at your wedding.

Yummy chocolate pudding cups

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Dough-nut forget these yummy doughy snacks. Whether you opt for normal doughnuts or a wall, you can play it up as much as you’d like.

A delicious doughnut wall display.

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Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? Your options are endless and you can provide little packets so your guests can take a little snack-to-go.

Cookie jar display with a rustic feel.

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Milk, lemon or chocolate, these classic tarts are a great addition to any dessert table.

Stunning wedding tarts topped with fresh berries.

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For your guests who are looking for a healthier sweet option, providing an array of fruits is a delicious option. Not only is it a ‘slimmer’ choice but it really makes the table look great!

Get creative when laying out your fruit. All the shapes and colours really make a bold statement.

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