Wedding trends that will be huge in 2021

Wedding trends that will be huge in 2021

Wedding planning is going full steam ahead now that weddings are allowed to continue under Level 2 lockdown. If you need some inspiration, consider these key trends that are expected to make huge waves in 2021.


While the micro-wedding concept has been around for years, it has been given new life due to the pandemic. With limited guests allowed, couples are pretty much forced to have a micro-wedding under current regulations.

This isn’t a bad thing, however. There are a host of benefits in having a micro-wedding. They are more affordable, more intimate, have fewer practical arrangements and are much less stressful.


One bonus of this crazy year is that many have truly found the value in their family. Spending so much time with your loved ones can be a bit much at times, but it mostly makes you appreciate them. Some have also unfortunately lost loved ones due to the virus, and may want to pay tribute to them on their big day.

We predict many brides and grooms will want to incorporate some sentimental meaning into their outfits, decor or even the venue. You could opt for a family member’s backyard for your I do’s, use some fabric belonging to a special family member in your wedding outfit or even attach a picture of them to your boutonnierre. Of course, including your loved ones in the bridal party is also pretty sweet.

Inspired by nature:

Considering we’ve spent most of 2020 cooped up indoors to prevent the spread of coronavirus, being outside is a welcome change! On a practical level, outdoor venues are also the safer choice as it allows for fresh air, which is handy amid the pandemic.

We predict many will want a return to nature to celebrate their freedom and enjoy parts of the world that were closed off for so many months. Parks, gardens and beaches will likely be popular locations in 2021. Along with the venue, we also expect massive florals to take centre stage.

Safe and stylish measures:

With the pandemic, hygiene has become a top priority all over the world. There are a number of ways your wedding can be shaped to include hygiene and social distancing measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Sanitising stations are already growing in popularity. Set up a fun stand with a bunch of hand sanitisers on deck so that your guests can stay clean throughout your big day. Another fun touch is to have personalised face masks made for your guests! You can use your wedding colours, and have your names and wedding date printed on them.

Charity donations:

This pandemic has also made many realise how much they have, even if its not that much. By virtue of having a home, a salary and food on the table, many of us are priviledged.

We predict that couples will opt to include some form of giving back into their big day. Instead of wedding gifts, couples can ask for donations to their favourite charity. The wedding flowers can be donated to the local old age home, and supporting local will go a long way in helping rebuild the wedding industry.

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