5 fun games you play at your Engagement parties.

5 fun games to play at your engagement party

Engagement parties are among the most exciting celebrations before the wedding day. Throwing an engagement party gives the guests of honor and the couple a lovely way to remember the moment.

With these five fun, fool-proof engagement party games, everyone will share a laugh with each other and the bride and groom-to-be!

Two Truths And A Lie

This game is mostly used as an ice breaker to make everyone comfortable, and is a fun way for guests to get to know each other.

First, gather everyone into a group. Going around in a circle, each person will make three statements about himself or herself, two of which are true and one of which is false. The rest of the group votes on what they think is truth or lie, and then the big reveal.

Battle Of The Sexes

This game is almost like 30 seconds, but it is gender-related questions. This is also readily available for purchase if you do not want the admin of compiling the questions.

You need to compile two lists of things you expect most men to know, and one of the information most women would likely know. The teams take turns asking the opposite sex questions.

Ring Toss
Is there any lawn game that’s better named for an engagement party? Gather friends and family around for a few games of ring toss, the family favourite that involves landing hoops on stakes to score points. Make this even more engagement-themed by decorating your hoops with a DIY diamond.

Message in a bottle
Set out a beautiful glass bottle and create a station with pens and slips of paper where guests can write a note to the couple. The couple can take turns and guess who message is from, every time they get it wrong they take a shot or eat something bitter.

Wedding Relay Race

Liven up your engagement party with a few rounds of a wedding-themed relay race. It works perfectly for guests of all ages and is a lot of fun if you have kids at your party. Gather outdoors or make some space indoors for an amusing relay race using props like garters, rings, or bouquets. The team that can reach the finish line first without dropping their prop is the winner.

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