5 ways to add Mzansi flair to your wedding

5 ways to add Mzansi flair to your wedding

Incorporating Mzansi flavour into your wedding is a lovely way to pay homage to your country or family. Whatever your heritage, here are some of the best ways to stay proudly South African on your big day.


Are there poems, quotes or vows that are particular to your heritage or culture? Incorporate them into your ceremony and make sure to emphasise them in your programme. You could even elaborate on the origin and history of the words you include or ask whoever is marrying you to add these anecdotes as well.


Is there a specific colour or print that has meaning in your family? Try and include it in a subtle way, for example, maybe a hairpin, brooch, pocket square or even a pair of shoes in a colour or pattern that represents your particular heritage.


How about serving welcome drinks infused with flavours of well-known South African herbs and plants? Think buchu gin, geranium cordial, rooibos iced tea … the options are endless. And when it comes to food, traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. There are many ways you can transform much-loved homestyle dishes – from bredie to braai – into appetising, intricate canapés and sophisticated mains.


South Africa is blessed with an abundance of unique, exquisite flora. Instead of trying to get hold of exotic plants and flowers, try using indigenous, seasonal ones that are found in your hometown. Proteas, strelitzias and succulents can look striking paired with simple greenery, and will be a much more cost-effective option too! Consider texture as well: wooden, woven or African-print table runners and underplates work well when combined with minimalist elements.


A wedding playlist is very personal and should include songs from some of your favourite moments together. Add a little twist by including a traditional song somewhere in the playlist – whether it be during your first dance or when people are grooving on the dance floor later.

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