10 Ways to save money on your honeymoon

10 Ways to save money on your honeymoon

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Just like the wedding and everything that surrounds it, your honeymoon will be yet another expensive weight on your shoulders. However, with some careful planning, lots of research and a bit of consideration, it is possible to save some money. Here’s how:

1. Include it in your registry

Instead of opting for the traditional registry, ask guests for a contribution towards your honeymoon in general, or specific excursions, tickets or bookings. It’s no longer frowned upon to ask for a donation instead of a gift, as more and more couples already have everything they need for their home before even getting married.

2. Who needs souvenirs?

Instead of spending unnecessary money on souvenirs (which, let’s face it, you’ll never look at again), rather spend it on experiences – such as special dinners, excursions or tours. These experiences are much more valuable than physical things. However, if you love doing outdoorsy stuff, such as hiking, it might even cost you less!

3. Use public transport instead of Ubers

Do some research and gather information on how the public transport system works in the areas you’ll be in. Ubers and taxis are often much more expensive than the public systems, so this way you’ll be able to save quite a bit. Your hotel or accommodation staff will also be able to assist you with recommendations and guides.

4. Be clever with your travel dates

You don’t need to leave for your honeymoon the moment you get married. Because most couples still need to take personal matters, such as work, into consideration before being able to leave, you can plan your honeymoon around ‘cheaper’ seasons, flights and destinations. Consider off-season options, as this will not only be cheaper all round, but also less crowded.

5. Score some points

On your credit card, that is. Lots of credit card services offer rewards that you can use for travel, including discounts on flights, accommodation, restaurants etc. Although you’d have to start planning this one quite a bit in advance, it will definitely be worth it.

6. DIY

Instead of booking everything through a travel agency, do your research, plan carefully, and book everything yourself to avoid paying any additional fees. Also make sure to check the direct websites of hotels, lodges or resorts, as they often have slightly lower rates than when it’s booked elsewhere. If you do, however, prefer to use an agent, make sure they book package deals for you, so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

7. Take a chance

It might be a little forward, but when booking a room, a restaurant or whatever it may be, casually mention that it’s your honeymoon. People love romance, so they might just give you a freebie, an upgrade or a warm(er) welcome.

8. Get travel insurance

Just in case.

9. Consider when you eat out

You don’t have to eat at a restaurant for every single meal. Go to local markets or grocery stores and gather a few bits and pieces to take on a picnic, to have in your room or to make a meal yourself. This way you’ll also experience more of your surroundings and of the culture than you would sitting down at a restaurant three times a day.

10. Go on the hunt

Again, you’ll need to take some time and do your research with this one, but make an effort to hunt for some deals. Many hotels, destinations, cruises and airlines have regular deals – whether it’s for honeymooners, seasonal or simply because. Make use of them and be sure to make some calls to figure out if they don’t offer any additional deals. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

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