What to look for in a wedding venue

What to look for in a wedding venue

While at first you may think that choosing a wedding venue is as simple as finding the one that you consider the most beautiful, unfortunately, that is not the case. There are quite a few other things you need to take into account before you pay the deposit.

Wedding venues are quite expensive as it stands. The last thing you’d want is to run into extra, unexpected costs because you didn’t take the time to think of all the little things that you would need out of a venue.

Here are some things you should consider before committing to a venue:

– The basics 

Of course, things like availability for your preferred date should be top of mind when venue hunting. Find out about all the dates available around the time you’d like to get married.

Other things you should look into are seating capacity, the exclusive use of the property given to you on the day (so that strangers are not lurking during your wedding reception), and the availability of accommodation on the property.

Additionally, find out how many hours are included in a basic rental of the venue and whether they charge extra for after-hours use.

– Saving your bank balance 

Find out about the deposit, cancellation policy, and final payment due dates. This will help you to budget better.

Further, you should ask the venue owner what is included in the total, so that you don’t get hit with an unexpected service charge or cleaning fees after the fact.

– For your guests 

If you have guests with special needs, for example, some who may require the venue to be wheelchair friendly, you should take all of those things into account.

Make sure to also find out about the availability of a generator, on-site parking, noise restrictions, bathrooms, and other things that may affect your guests.

– More about the venue

It’s important to take into account what the venue provides so that you know if there are extra items you need to cater for.

For example, if you want an outdoor ceremony, will there be facilities for sound equipment? Consider whether chairs provided for the ceremony and reception, if cutlery and crockery is provided, if the venue comes with waiters and staff, and so forth.

Furthermore, many venues charge extra if you outsource a caterer or bring your own wine. If you’re planning on any of these, find out about kitchen charges and corkage fees. In the same breath, find out about catering options such as halal, kosher, vegan, or vegetarian.

Venues may also not allow certain decor or items, such as candles. If you want to make use of these types of decorations, ask them about it specifically.

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