10 Best wedding planning apps & tools

10 Best wedding planning apps & tools

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to planning your wedding and everything that goes along with it. Thanks to digital apps and tools, it is now easier than ever to get the help you need and stay organised. Have a look at 10 of our favourite wedding planning apps and tools:

1. Joy – Wedding App & Website

Are you looking for an app that will save you time, money, and efficiently get things done? Joy wedding app and website is your one-stop-shop for a personalised wedding planning experience. You can manage guest lists and create a checklist of all the things that need to be done before your big day. In addition to the impressive features this app offers, you also have the option to create a wedding website directly from the app.

2. Google Calendar

Time management is often overlooked when planning an event but is an important factor in ensuring that things go as planned. With your big day fast approaching, you want to alleviate all the pressure that comes with leaving things to the last minute. With Google Calendar you can plan all your meetings and customise your reminders. This way, you never forget anything and you’re always on time.

3. From9AM Beauty

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4. My Wedding Table Planner

Seating arrangements can prove to be one of the more challenging tasks when planning a wedding. You need to consider all the family drama that comes with it and keep everyone happy at the same time. With Table Planner, you can easily add as many guests as you like and shift them around to accommodate your venue size. This way, you have a broad view of what the seating arrangement will look like in your venue. You also have the option of allowing the app to create a generic seating plan and track RSVPs.

5. Happy Couple

Months leading up to the wedding, you and your partner may experience an overload of stress that can lead to a build-up of tension between you two. Happy Couple is an app that promotes relationship strengthening through quizzes and friendly gaming. You and your partner will get to know each other better and reassure your compatibility for years to come.

6. GoodBudget – Budget Planner

Without a proper budgeting plan, your big day might leave you in a financial pickle. Goodbudget is a user-friendly app that allows you to allocate expenses for everything that you need. Once you have a budget set in place you can shift expenses around to ensure that you are not overspending in certain areas and neglecting others, maintaining a balance is key to success.

7. A wedding registry

This fairly new concept amongst young couples has made gift buying so much easier. Not only do you save your friends and family from spending hours in the mall looking for a suitable gift, but drawing up a registry also guarantees that you will get the gifts you want and need. Several stores offer the option of creating an online registry. Yuppiechef, Mrp Home and Woolworths also have online stores to make things easier. Your guests can visit their website, enter your registry details and shop without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

8. Google Drive

Planning a wedding takes an army. Instead of the constant back and forth with different vendors and planners, centralise all the information with Google drive. As things progress, you have the option of adding notes and comments to keep everyone updated.  Easily share your wedding planner folder and everyone will have access to it. Simple yet effective.

9. Airbnb

With so much to do before your wedding, you’ve barely given your honeymoon a second thought. But once the excitement dies down after your big day, we are almost certain that you and your partner will need some time away to rest and enjoy each other’s company. Airbnb offers unique experiences and accommodations for every type of budget and occasion. The app also allows direct contact with the host of the venue you will be staying at to ensure that your stay goes as smooth as possible.

10. Facebook

It might sound crazy, but Facebook has become the modern-day yellow pages. There is almost nothing you can’t find on there. From dressmakers to wedding venues, Facebook is a central place for vendors and ideas. Your friends can share recommendations with you and you can get their opinions of things as well.  Embrace the age of digital planning.

By Aadilah Hallam

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